Take control of the security of your Active Directory

Audit the security of your entire information system easily. Regardless of the number of servers you have, COGICEO Adanalyzer will help you identifying the most vulnerable elements and show you which actions to take in priority to increase the security level of your company.


A full analysis on several hundred points

Sorted in 4 thematics

Users and permissions

  • Privileged groups analysis
  • Forgotten users and administrators
  • Administrator account not a member of "protected user"
  • SIDHistory
  • Deficiencies in the domain policy

  • Dynamic hash breaking of domain accounts
  • Most commonly used passwords in the field
  • Statistics on effective passwords length and complexity
  • Clear passwords (services, sysvol, scheduled tasks)

  • Missing updates
  • Obsolete protocols usage (NBTNS, LLMNR, SMBv1,..)
  • Security Policy issues
  • Vulnerable Local accounts
  • Cleartext password in memory or in cache
Domain and Forest

  • Insufficient domain security policy
  • Insufficient functional level of the domain
  • External trust without SID Filtering
  • Compromise paths identification
  • Dangerous Kerberos delegations

All the information in one place

We have created an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that will allow you to see, at a glance, the vulnerable elements of your information system. Compare the analyses, follow the evolution of your security level over time, identify and delete the compromise paths of your domain.

Our dashboard is simple and intuitive. With a few clicks you will be able to find out:

  1. 1. What are the most dangerous vulnerabilities in your domain
  2. 2. What are the targets of these vulnerabilities

You will then be able to target the elements you need to focus your efforts on.

Cogiceo ADAnalyzer allows you to give access to the dashboard to other users. You can then assign them a profile (manager, operator, administrator,...) and manage their permissions as finely as you wish.

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Instantly identify vulnerable elements within your company

Security experts know very well that security is a chain. And as a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, it is critical for a company to be able to know where to focus its efforts. Cogiceo ADanalyzer allows you to classify the analyzed elements (users, servers,...) by criticity and highlights those requiring your attention as a priority.

Once the vulnerabilities have been found, you can either browse theme online on your dashboard, or download them as a CSV file and work offline to fix them.

After all the corrective measures have been applied, the next analysis will confirm you took the right steps to fix the previously disclosed vulnerabilities and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your security level increase accordingly!

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Stay in control throughout the process

In order to collect the data necessary for analysis, an agent must be deployed on the domain controller. This agent is completely transparent and its code is readable. It is fully autonomous and does not need any connection to the internet. No human intervention is required, but the process can be interrupted at any time and instantly. The collected data is immediately encrypted and gathered in a single file. Once it is done, the operator can upload this file to the dashboard, Cogiceo being the only one able to decrypt it.

More than 100 000 servers worldwide have already been analyzed thanks to our solution. Our customers are made of big companies for whom security is a major concern as well as small companies looking for an easy way to make an in-depth check up of their security. A few exemples

There is no cloud. The data you upload is stored encrypted in our datacenter in Paris (France) until you decide to shred it through your dashboard.

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1 credit = 1 analysed server

Choose the credit pack that suits you best, plan ahead your budget and only pay when you analyze servers !

Buy your credits in advance

Save money and plan your analyses in advance, the price of the packages is highly degressive and does not expire in time.

How many servers include the domain(s) you want to analyze ? Don't know how many servers your domain includes? Use our tool !
Best option for 1 analysis/year For small budget who want to assess in a glance the security level of their Active Directory domain

10 credits

1 000

Soit 100€/credits
Price /analysis : XXX Annual average budget
  • 1 analysis /year : XXX
  • 2 analysis /year : XXX
  • 4 analysis /year : XXX
Best option for 3 analysys /year For those you want to keep the security level of their Active Directory Domain at its highest all the year long.

10 credits

1 000

Soit 100€/credit
Price /analysis : XXX Annual average budget
  • 1 analysis /an : XXX
  • 2 analysis /an : XXX
  • 4 analysis /an : XXX
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10 credits

€1 000


100 credits

€4 500


1 000 credits

€15 000


50 000 credits

€90 000



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